New Assault Weapons Ban Has State’s Gun Shop Owners On Edge

House Delegates in Virginia voted on Tuesday to pass House Bill 961, a piece of legislation that promises to ban the sale of most any semi-automatic rifle under an extremely broad definition of what constitutes an assault weapon including any high-capacity magazines (12+). The bill, if signed into law, will make the sale of nearly 80% of guns and accessories sold today a Class 6 felony as soon as July 1, 2020.

Gun shop owners are rightfully on edge. Gary Crossfield of CE Tactical in Suffolk specializes in the sale of assault weapons. The retired Marine told Allison Bazzle of 13NewsNow he’ll have to get rid of up to 85% of his store’s stock. He’s not sure his store, which has seen an increase in sale since November in anticipation of the new legislation, will survive.

Does the new bill threaten the second amendment rights of Virginians? Governor Northam says it does not. Gun owners, and business owners, disagree.

And one thing is for sure – Virginia may be among the first states the pass this type of legislation, but it certainly won’t be the last.

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