New Law Requires High School Students to Learn about Communism

Ron DeSantis, Florida Gov. said Monday that he is signing legislation designating Nov. 7 as Victims of Communism Day in his state.

DeSantis announced a $25,000,000 funding for renovations to Miami’s Freedom Tower, which was built in 1925 and previously served as a Cuban Assistance Center for those who escaped communism.

DeSantis said in a statement that “Honoring the people that have fallen victim to communist regimes and teaching our students about those atrocities is the best way to ensure that history does not repeat itself.
Through HB 395 and the funding announced today, we are guaranteeing that the history of those who fled communist regimes and their experiences are preserved and not forgotten by our students. While it’s fashionable in some circles to whitewash the history of communism, Florida will stand for truth and remain as a beachhead for freedom.”

This new bill calls for Florida public schools to observe the holiday, and for high school students taking U.S. government classes to have at least 45 minutes of dedicated class instruction for the holiday starting in the 2023-24 school year. The subjects will include “Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution, Joseph Stalin and the Soviet System, Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, Vladimir Lenin and the Russian Revolution, Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge, and Nicolás Maduro and the Chavismo movement,” along with the suffering of what people went through under those governments.

This new legislation responds to the glorifications of far-left ideologies being celebrated by parts of the Democratic Party. DeSantis said, those who escape from communist countries never want to go back to them after coming to the U.S. And then went on to say “There are probably more Marxists on college faculties in the United States than there are in all of Eastern Europe combined.” They don’t want to go back to communism.”