New MIND READER Unveiled – “Brain Transparency” Is Here!

Watchdog group Reclaim The Net has just dropped a report confirming that the infamous globalist organization World Economic Forum, which is backed by George Soros, is looking into technology that can monitor brain activity. They want to know what you’re thinking.

Nothing Is Sacred To Globalist Elites. At Devos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum held a talk given by Duke University Professor Nita Farahany.

In that presentation, the professor discussed brain implants and potential breakthroughs in technology that would allow outsiders to read people’s thoughts with robotics.

The worst part? This professor wants to use this technology for something she called “Brain Transparency”. She says that technology is already here allowing tech companies to get involved in “decoding complex thought.”

She claims the technology, once unleashed, will make the world more “convenient”.

What could possibly go wrong?