Cruz Intends To Use Gaza’s Pier Problems To Force A Vote

( – Under pressure from the far-left, the Biden Administration paused the supply of vital weapons to Israel. At the same time, it built a pier to deliver aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. Now, a Republican senator is trying to force a vote that would shut down the pier, unless the flow of munitions […]

Greg Abbott Pardons Ex-Army Sergeant Who Killed An Air Force Veteran

( – A former soldier jailed for killing a Black Lives Matter protester four years ago has been pardoned. Daniel Perry shot USAF veteran Garrett Foster at a demonstration in Austin, Texas. He was convicted of murder and jailed, but now Governor Greg Abbott (R) has overturned his sentence. On July 25, 2020, Perry, a […]

Biden Promises Help for Law Enforcement At The 43rd National Peace Officers’ Memorial

( – President Joe Biden resisted calls from far-left Democrats to support the defund the police movement in 2020. Eventually, the movement died the death it deserved because Americans also did not support it. Recently, the president spoke at the 43rd annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service and called on Congress to help law enforcement […]

Woman Admits To Plotting An Attack On Baltimore’s Electrical Grid

( – There have been multiple attacks on power grids over the last couple of years. Authorities have uncovered other plots against the infrastructure as well. A Maryland woman has now pleaded guilty to conspiring with a neo-Nazi to carry out another attack. On May 14, the Department of Justice announced Sarah Beth Clendaniel pleaded […]

Israeli Defense Chief Says There Is No Plan For Gaza’s Post-Hamas Governance

Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007. Israel is trying to eradicate Hamas, which would leave the region without a government. Netanyahu claimed there were secret plans to replace the militant group.  The Defense Minister refuted Netanyahu’s claims.  ( – Israel has vowed to completely eradicate Hamas, the governing power of the Gaza Strip. For months, […]

Biden Invokes Executive Privilege In Robert Hur’s Documents Probe

( – Special Counsel Robert Hur declined to charge President Joe Biden with a crime in February. The prosecutor was investigating the incumbent POTUS over his handling of classified documents when he was vice president. Biden has now invoked executive privilege over the audio recordings from his interview with Hur. On May 16, White House […]

Putin’s Reorganization of the Cabinet Encourages Possible Successors

Putin was inaugurated for a fifth term on May 7. The president will be able to serve one more term, which will end in 2036. At 71 years old, Putin will be about 83 at that point. One man has stood out among his allies as a possible successor. ( – Russian President Vladimir Putin […]

Mockery Renewed As Donald Trump Allegedly Nods Off Again In Court

( – Former President Donald Trump is on trial for multiple felonies in New York City. The judge has required him to attend the trial every day, just like any other criminal defendant. The presumptive GOP nominee is now being mocked by the Left for allegedly falling asleep in the courtroom. On May 13 and […]

Attacks On Police Officers Reach A Ten-Year Peak

( – Law enforcement officers serve in one of the most dangerous professions in the country. Sadly, many are belittled, berated, and attacked for their decision to serve their communities. The FBI just released data showing how often officers are assaulted. On May 14, the FBI released national data showing assaults on law enforcement officers […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Rants Against USA In Security Cabinet Meeting

( – Relations between the US and Israel have deteriorated in recent weeks. President Joe Biden recently threatened to stop sending weapons to the Jewish state. New reports indicate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t take that well. Biden threatened to withhold weapons from Israel if Netanyahu moved forward with the invasion of Rafah. The […]

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