Play Games, Win Prizes With Theater In Place

( – Feeling bored and uninspired as you enter what feels like your millionth week on lockdown? Looking for something new to occupy your time? Head on over to Theater in Place and test the boundaries of your imagination.

Theater in Place is the newest collaborative theater project to hit the web. Featuring performers from all over the country, the site’s mission is to entertain the public with interactive videos, puzzles, riddles and activities. Magic, fire spinning, and giant bubbles are just the beginning. Throughout each performance, you’ll be prompted to play games, create your own artwork, and even submit unique songs.

Even better? Participation in Theater in Place activities is 100% free — and there are prizes!

Founder Jason Buzi found himself on a mission to give back to communities impacted by COVID-19. The interactive productions give viewers of all ages something new and different to participate in online but, perhaps even more important, they’ve put a series of actors back to work in what is arguably one of the most difficult times many independent artists have encountered. According to Buzi, funding the initiative allowed him to help by giving “something fun to people – something to look forward to.”

Each adventure is set in what you’ll recognize as familiar classics. Right now the site is featuring Alice in Wonderland, with future stories and activities planned for the scenes of Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, and a myriad of other fan favorites.

Fans so far are loving the experience:

Be sure to check out Theater in Place for an afternoon of fun and games – and don’t forget to follow @HiddenCash on Twitter for regular updates and new adventures!

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