Police Attacked During “Peaceful Protest”

Police Attacked During

How violent do the “protests” need to get before they’re not considered “peaceful” anymore? Surveillance footage before the Brooklyn Bridge brawl shows protestors receiving a shipment. A shipment they used to attack participants in a “unity rally.”

Security footage from outside City Hall shows the delivery by a car of a small shipment of baseball bats. A man was seen retrieving six bats from the trunk of the vehicle before a clash between law enforcement and anti-cop activists.

Sources from police say that the bats were delivered for the anti-cop activists to confront a “unity” rally moving across the Brooklyn Bridge. The rally included clergy, police, and community activists. It’s unclear whether the bats were used in the brawl, but at least one bat had been recovered after everything calmed down.

The NYPD is in search of a man who used a cane to attack the highest-ranking officer in uniform, Chief Terrence Monahan. In all, four officers were assaulted by a man in a maroon shirt, khaki pants, and a red bandana around his neck. The NYPD has released a statement that 37 arrests were made.

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