Portland Mayor Rejects Help

Portland has seen nearly eight weeks of consecutive rioting. The city is in chaos and the mayor has done nothing to help the situation. In true leftist fashion, Mayor Ted Wheeler pushes the blame on someone else.

Mayor Wheeler has become frustrated by what he claims are small groups of violent activists drowning out the message of the peaceful protestors. He added that the presence of federal law enforcement has only escalated the violence.

The mayor attacked President Trump, stating that this is a last-ditch effort. He added that Trump is only trying to look strong for his base; using federal law enforcement to support his candidacy.

Daryl Turner, head of the Portland Police Association, said that local politicians have prioritized their own agendas, rather than putting the city’s best interest first. He added that the political leaders in the area have condoned the violence; leaving behind the welfare and safety of Portland.

Chad Wolfe, the Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary, called Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler “completely irresponsible”. Wolfe went on to tell “Fox & Friends” that violent extremists and anarchists were present long before federal agents arrived.

Over the weekend the Portland Police Association was broken into by rioters and set on fire. The president and his administration enlisted federal agents, including the US Marshals Special Operations Group, to protect federal property.

Wheeler said Friday that the federal agents should stay in their own buildings, or leave the city. Wheeler called the actions of the White House an “attack on our democracy”. Trump in a statement to “Fox News Sunday” said that the city was burning and if something wasn’t done, we would lose Portland.

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