Portland Violence Continues to Swell

Portland Violence Continues to Swell

Yet another night of riots occurred in Portland earlier this week, as several hundred people marched on the Multnomah County Building. Riots have been a trend in Portland since George Floyd passed away in police custody. Local officials have willingly allowed this to continue, failing to send in support for local law enforcement. When does the madness end?

Portland has experienced over 80 consecutive days of rioting not exactly a figure to brag about. Two people were arrested on Tuesday, August 18, after the march on the county building turned into yet another riot.

The group of rioters blocked traffic and smashed windows as well as vandalizing the building that houses the sheriff’s office and where county commissioners meet with graffiti. The group even lit a small fire inside the building. Police used munitions made for crowd control to disperse the rioters; no tear gas was used. County Sheriff, Michael Reese, called the actions “unprovoked and reprehensible.”

But that’s not all that happened that night.

A few blocks away, a driver in a truck was confronted by Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Eventually, the driver was able to speed away, only to crash the truck a short distance down the road. He was surrounded and beaten by protestors at the scene of the crash.

As the driver sat on the pavement, a man wearing a vest labeled “SECURITY” came up from behind him and kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious. In the video, you can see the man bleeding from the back of his head, possibly as a result of serious injury. Street medics provided the man aid until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

As violence continues to escalate, one must wonder when the government will step in and put an end to it? The longer this goes on, the more apparent it becomes that we must be prepared to defend ourselves.

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