Prepper’s Perspective: Looking Back on COVID

Prepper's Perspective: Looking Back on COVID

( – Many states are either opening back up or are in the process. It’s a good time to reflect on your preparations and actions. Is there anything you would change?

No matter how prepared you are, there always seems to be something you could have done differently. Everything could go exactly as you wanted, but there will always be that question of “what if.”

Many preppers spend years getting ready for an event just like COVID-19. Some may laugh at the idea that they had flaws in their plan, but deep down they had them. It’s only natural for humans to think this way. It helps to prepare for the next scenario. So as you watch this and think about your own experience, don’t use it to berate yourself, but to further develop your plan and methods. Who knows, there could be a round two.

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