Putin Critics Continue to Die

Vladimir Putin has done a good job convincing the country that the Ukrain war is to help benefit the Russian people. However, some Russian citizens have spoken out in regards to the aggression as sanctions cripple their businesses. These same critics that have been vocal are the same people that have been dying recently. Ironically, all have died by falling out windows.

Last Thursday, September 1, Ravil Maganov, the chairman of the Russian oil company Lukoil, died from a fall out of a hospital window. The death happened at Central Clinic Hospital in Moscow after he was treated for a heart attack. Maganov’s company had recently stated that they wanted an end to the Ukraine invasion and had called the invasion “tragic”.

Maganov’s death is a recent reminder of other prominent Russians that have fallen to their deaths in the last couple of months. One of which was a nationalist blogger Yegor Prosvirin, who allegedly had also fallen from his apartment window back in December 2021. Prosvirin also had recently criticized Putin and predicted a civil war.

There was also a case of another strange death of diplomat Kirill Zhalo in Germany, who also had fallen from a Russian embassy window back in October of 2021. One magazine had reported that Zhalo was part of the Federal Security Service. However, Russia wouldn’t confirm anything and did not allow Berlin police to investigate due to his diplomat status.

It might seem that some people that speak out against Putin will mysteriously fall to their deaths, but there are plenty of other stories of critics dying in different suspicious ways as well.