Russia Flexes Muscles in Face of COVID

Russia Flexes Muscles in Face of COVID

Despite the coronavirus, major political figures are still holding significant events. President Trump held his first rally in months, giving a much-needed morale boost to his supporters. Russian President Vladimir Putin held an event in the same manner.

Despite lockdowns being eased in Moscow, restrictions on large gatherings in Russia are technically still in place. But thousands of soldiers gathered for the 75th anniversary of the USSR defeating the Nazis in WWII. Soldiers that participated in the Victory Day parade were required to quarantine for two weeks prior to the event. During that quarantine, they were permitted to only see people involved in the parade.

Russia flexed its military might in the parade, boasting 13,000 military personnel, 234 armored vehicles, and 75 aircraft. Ex-Soviet republics alongside Chinese, Mongolian, and Serbian units also joined the parade. The event had been postponed from its original date of May 9th. This is a big year for President Putin as this year, Russia holds a nationwide vote on constitutional amendments that could pave the way for Putin to stay in power beyond 2024, when his term ends.

The parade comes not long after US military jets intercepted Russian aircraft on multiple occasions. The US has shown they have the capability to fend off any advances made by Russian forces. They have proven they can do so in a timely and safe manner. It’s almost as if Russia is seeing if the US is paying attention and they’re testing our defenses. Rest assured, we are watching and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

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