Russia “Scorched Earth Policy” Tipping Point…

( – According to our sources, Russia has been minimizing collateral and civilian damage to date, risking a relatively small number of soldiers and equipment vs. simply deploying drones, bombers and long range missiles which they can easily do to level any part of Ukraine at will. The question is why, and for how long this somewhat targeted campaign will last and what Russia will do now that it’s proved quite difficult for them to take the country with conventional forces.

Note that:
– Civilian Internet and telecommunications still active
– Utilities, power, water and gas still flowing
– Attacks have been largely high value targets with minimal civilian casualties

Key changes:
– Germany stepped up to supply Ukraine with additional weapons
– US active duty military assets recently being deployed to “cold” areas
– NATO forces called to secure their ally’s borders
– Nord Stream liquid gas pipeline deal is not to Russia’s benefit

Key concerns:
– With Germany making an aggressive move to bolster Ukraine’s capabilities, Russia is faced with a bloodier outcome than they hoped for.
– With Russia’s economy tanking, the whole world watching and resistance from NATO nations, will Russia resort to a scorched Earth policy while backed into a corner?
– If Russia calls the bluff and flattens a city (like USA did to Hiroshima)… will NATO nations unleash retaliatory nukes on Russia with fear of mutually assured destruction?
– Is this the tipping point for a WW3 event?

We sure hope this is all a bad dream, but Ukraine wakes up to this reality every day while we watch it on TV. While a more likely retaliation is a crushing blow to our financial systems and supply lines, it would seem prudent to make sure you have enough stockpiles of food, water and medicine on hand to say the least.

Good luck to us all.

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