Safety Concerns Unleash American Wallets

Safety Concerns Unleash American Wallets

Most people, when worried about their safety, have no problem spending money. This year’s pandemic and civil unrest has caused many Americans to open up their wallets in the name of protecting themselves and those they love. In America, there is something that stands above the rest and that makes citizens feel safe.

First, there were concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Then came the protests, many turning into riots. Now there is a call to defund the police, in some cases even to abolish them altogether. It’s no wonder that Americans are concerned about their safety. So what do they do?

They go buy guns and ammo. It just so happens that this year has seen record numbers of people buying guns, many being first-time buyers.

Is it really because of coronavirus and the civil unrest we’ve seen? The answer is in the data, which shows that for the months of January and February the daily average for gun sales was 92,000.

After President Trump announced a national emergency those sales jumped to over 120,000 sales daily. 176,000 sales were the peak of the 12-day period following the president’s announcement. March alone saw more than 700,000 gun-related sales.

June has the highest number of firearms sold on record, with an estimated 3.9 million. America is home to more guns than people now, with 400 million guns in circulation compared to the 330 million Americans. In the first six months of 2020, an estimated 19 million firearms were purchased by law-abiding citizens.

Americans feel threatened by what’s happening… unsafe and unprotected. People have realized that at the end of the day, they have to protect themselves.

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