Scam Caller Payback – Got to See This!

This video was just too much fun not to share with everyone. One of our favorite Youtube channels called “Scammer Payback” just published their latest entertaining 2-day-event where this time—the scammer and their whole operation were the target. How’s the saying go? Payback is a bitch!

If you’re as sick as we are of receiving phone calls from these overseas criminals, you’ll really appreciate how much effort and skill went into this payback. We’ll be sharing this video not just for entertainment but to help educate people about how these scams work and how to avoid them.

1. He contacted the scammer, hacked his network and deleted ALL his files

2. He contacted the victim to save her from the scammer

3. Contacted the scammer, hacked his cellphone and exposed all his content for the world to see.

This is just the start. You need to know how these scams work, see them in action and the payback is just the bonus seeing these criminals facing the tables turned on them.

Turn up your volume, sit back and enjoy!