Scientist Believes 80 Percent Of Humanity May Succumb To Deadly Virus

Professor Gabriel Leung of The University of Hong Kong told The Guardian earlier this week that he thinks anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of people infected with the coronavirus could die. The problem? It seems like most countries are turning a blind eye to the potential for a very big problem.

Let’s break it down. Sixty to eighty percent of the world’s population dying means we could be facing upwards of 600 million deaths. Scientists aren’t yet convinced China’s martial law containment methods will truly control the spread of the virus, considering more than 500 cases have been confirmed outside that country.

Real News Target claims to have identified three natural compounds that can stop coronavirus replication in the human body. Why aren’t scientists talking about these compounds? Is the mainstream media hiding potential tools we could be using to stop the spread?

Right now it doesn’t really seem like we can really trust anyone’s numbers. But as Leung warns, failure to find out the truth may leave us facing a worst-case scenario — one worse than anything we could possibly imagine.

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