Second Wave of COVID Lockdowns Begin…

Second Wave of COVID Lockdowns Begin

There have been concerns regarding a second coronavirus lockdown since the first stay-at-home order ended. Well, it seems that those concerns have been realized in at least one state. As COVID cases continue to rise, so does the concern of a second national lockdown.

Many businesses have been ordered to shut down by Governor Gavin Newsom of California. In a pair of tweets, Governor Newsom stated that some businesses were to close indoor operations, but bars were to close altogether. The statewide order called for restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, zoos, museums, card rooms, and family entertainment to close their indoor operations.

This order followed Newsom’s order to close businesses within the state’s “monitoring list.” Newsom announced that California saw an increase of 8,358 new cases on Sunday and that the positivity rate has increased to 7.4%.

Hospitals in California also reported that the number of COVID patients has grown 28% over the past two weeks, with 6,485 people hospitalized. This marks one of the largest rollbacks since reopening. Residents have been reminded to limit their interactions with others and were urged to meet outside if they had to meet.

A pair of California’s largest school districts: Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified, stated that studies regarding coronavirus and children remain unknown. They have elected to start the school year online in the fall.

So once again businesses in California will be closed, and no end date was given to the measure. Time will tell if such closures spread throughout the rest of the nation once again.

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