Biden’s Plan to Surge Border… Can Only Be Stopped THIS One Way

An impressive number of Democrats are standing up against Biden on Title 42, but we need more.

Democrats are now voicing their concerns about the Biden administration’s plan to remove Title 42 next month. Earlier this month, the Biden administration announced that it would end Title 42 on May 23. The policy, used since March 2020 under both Presidents Trump and Biden, allowed American officials to not allow migrants from entering the country during a health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rep. Susie Lee, D-Nev. Said “Until the administration can demonstrate that there is a plan in place to handle a surge in migration at the border in a humane, safe and orderly way, I can’t support the decision to end Title 42 at this time,” Lee also went on to say, “By lifting Title 42 without the necessary staffing and resources, the administration will only exacerbate the tensions that, for decades, have stalled progress on reforming our broken immigration system.”

It’s been said that with the expiration of Title 42, the US will see an additional 28,000 people attempting to cross the border per day creating dangerously overwhelming conditions.

A surge like this without the right systems and enough trained personnel to deal with it, makes a proper, orderly vetting of immigrants nearly impossible. Disorderly border surges makes it far easier for terrorists and cartel to enter the country with bad intentions.