State Department Warning: What You Need to Know

So many things in America are shutting down due to the coronavirus. Now, our borders are also being affected, as recently announced by the State Department. It recommends that no one travel abroad, and those currently overseas should return immediately unless they’re prepared to stay in that location for an indefinite period of time.

This Level 4 Health Advisory “do not travel” warning came a mere four days after the previous Level 3 recommendation of “reconsider travel.” As of Thursday evening, there were more than 245,000 verified COVID-19 infections worldwide, and over 14,000 of those are in the US. Currently, Italy and China have the most cases with 41,000+ and 80,000+ respectively.

It’s unknown exactly how many Americans might be attempting to return home amid this announcement. The State Department has only issued a warning, not a mandate. Individuals can still travel if they choose, but the recommendation may become mandatory in the future.

Thank you to our friends at Right Wing for contributing this piece.