Supreme Court Justices FAMILIES Have Been Notified!

According to  The Gateway Pundit, authorities have confirmed that Supreme Court Justices and their spouses have been cleared of wrongdoing in the Abortion draft leak that occured in May. Spouses of the justices have also been cleared. They aren’t leakers.

It Wasn’t A Justice. Supreme Court Marshal Gail A Curley issued an updated report about his investigation. In it, he confirmed that no evidence points to Supreme Court Justices or their spouses.

The statement issued is regarding his investigation to find the source of the Supreme Court leak that happened on May 2nd, when the media received a draft of a Supreme Court abortion ruling.

According To Curley: “The Justices actively cooperated in this iterative process, asking questions and answering mine. I followed up on all credible leads, none of which implicated the Justices or their spouses.”

Only one question remains after all of this: Who compromised the Supreme Court and why can’t they be found? Only time will answer this question.