Survival Cooking: How To Create A Stove From A Soup Can

You’re probably wondering “A stove made out of a soup can, really?” Yes really, and it’s actually pretty easy to do — taking around 5 minutes to create.

The video above shows how you can achieve making a stove from a soup can. All you need is a can of average size (if you use a bigger can you’ll need more holes in it for airflow), and an old-style can opener.

Take care while building your soup can stove, the areas you punch out with the can opener will be sharp.

To use the stove, you’ll want a pot stand to elevate your cooking utensil above the stove a bit. If you don’t have a pot stand, you can use the stove as is by placing a pan on top of the can itself. The fire will still burn inside due to the multiple air vents.

Often, survivalism is about using what you have to its utmost potential. With a little innovation, one man’s trash can become our treasure.

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