The Government FED THIS To Little Children – We Have Footage!

According to Climate Depot, radical government operatives in the Netherlands have been caught on video feeding children a “green diet” of worms. The operatives even psyched the children into cheering at the prospect of replacing real meals with slimy objects.

At a random school in the Netherlands, video footage shows these government officials asking children to explain why is actually “good” to eat insects instead of real food. They claim it’s about protecting the environment.

One little girl, after eating the worms provided to her by her government, said dogmatically: “We will not have enough food later.” So eating bugs makes sense to them.

One little girl took it a step further, saying: “[Worms] can be brought to other countries…”

This is what the government has in store for our children: Riling them up on climate propaganda and “solving” issues by forcing children to eat bugs.

This is the state of European countries. This is where civilization has gone. We should all feel deeply ashamed that people in real positions of power actually believe this stuff.