Zippo, The Unsung Survival Lighter


There are plenty of lighters on the market. However, Zippo is perhaps the most well-known out there – and with good reason. Zippo lighters certainly burn the competition when it comes to survival.

Nothing is perfect, and the Zippo lighter is no exception, though it may try; these lighters don’t perform well at elevations higher than 1,000 feet above sea level. Aside from that downfall, and the fact they’re not waterproof, Zippo lighters are extremely durable and long lasting.

Another great feature with Zippo lighters is the fact that you can refuel them when needed; you don’t even need Zippo fluid as just about any flammable liquid will work. In combination with its durability and versatility, the Zippo lighter is virtually windproof and you don’t need to hold any buttons down.

Most Zippos can be found for around 10 bucks, making them a great investment. Best of all, they’re made right here in the United States. Lighters and matches are great ways to start a fire, but what if you don’t have those items at your disposal? Check out how you can start a fire, no matches or lighters needed.

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