Tips to Survive Rioting and Civil Unrest

Tips to Survive Rioting and Civil Unrest

( – 2020 saw a massive rise in civil unrest, with rioting spreading across the country in response to the death of Geroge Floyd. Once again, riots are breaking out, this time sparked by the shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota. With riots breaking out all over the country, everyone should learn how to survive one.

In the following video, Rogue Preparedness explains how to prepare and survive civil unrest:

The worst thing about civil unrest is it can happen anywhere at any time. This is the case with most natural disasters as well, which may lead to civil unrest. For this reason, you need to have an emergency plan ready to execute at a moment’s notice.

Survival largely depends on how well you can prepare yourself for a situation. In times of civil unrest, people will become unpredictable, making it ideal to avoid crowds. Use your own knowledge and the points addressed in this video to plan, prepare and practice, as always.

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