Trump Draws Line in Sand over Human Rights

Trump Draws Line in Sand over Human Rights

Trump, during his 2016 campaign for the presidency, said he would stand up to China. At the time he was likely talking about trade deals. Now, however, there’s a much deeper meaning to the President’s toughness toward the country.

Monday, 11 more Chinese companies were added to the sanctions list for forced labor and repression of Uighur Muslims. Some of the 11 firms have documented relations with US companies. In recent months the Chinese government has seen heightened pressure from the US, these sanctions are just another step.

The Department of Commerce looks to put them on an index of companies thought to take part in activities opposing the national security and foreign policies of the US. This index is known as the “Entity List”.

These new sanctions come as the Trump administration has taken a stronger stance against China in recent months, even more so when the coronavirus pandemic began. Trump’s administration is turning up the heat under China, on multiple fronts. Earlier it was with China’s alleged cover-up of COVID-19 and now with the Uighur situation.

About midway through July, the Trump administration placed sanctions on four members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau in its entirety as a result of human rights violations.

Tensions are growing as America takes a stand against tyranny once again. Will China give in? Or, will there be a confrontation between the US and China? Only time will tell what may happen. Either way, we will stand for what is right.

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