Ukraine Offers $1,000,000 Reward Per Captured or Surrendered Military Aircraft

As reported by Reuters and Daily Defense News; Ukraine’s state-owned arms manufacturer, Ukroboronprom has offered quite an attractive bounty for capture or surrender of Russian military aircraft.

Russian pilots now have the challenge of contemplating a reward of $1 Million USD for surrendering their military aircraft from the Russian Air Force and $500,000 helicopters. Here’s the quote from the manufacturer:

“We guarantee you 1 Million US $ for every combat capable stolen or trophy occupiers’ aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and 500,000 USD for every combat helicopter of the Russia’s Aerospace Forces,” a Ukroboronprom statement said.

“To use this opportunity, you need to surrender to Ukrainian authorities along with the military hardware,” the statement said.

You and your family may become wealthy people, no longer obliged to carry out criminal orders. You can become free and rich.

“To reach Ukrainian dispatchers, you already know the frequencies,” it said referring to the military communication channels used by the Ukrainians.

Ukraine jet pilots are already qualified to fly Russian aircraft such as the MiG-29 and Su-27. Acquiring discounted aircraft through surrender or capture is definitely one way to bolster an air force.

We’ll keep you posted on this story as it unfolds.