Rescue Teams Discover Yet Another Mass Grave in Gaza

( – Al-Shifa Hospital was the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip. In March, the Israeli military raided the complex, claiming there were members of Hamas hiding there. Reports have now indicated another mass grave was uncovered at the hospital.

The siege on the hospital ended on April 1. Palestinian emergency workers who were working at the medical facility’s ruins uncovered a mass grave. According to reports, it was at least the seventh mass grave found in Gaza.

Ramy Abdu, the chairman of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, told reporters the grave contained “dozens of Palestinians, including women, children, and patients, executed by Israel.” The Government Media Office in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, released a statement condemning the Israeli military for the “crimes of genocide and continuous killing” of the occupying forces. They also said they hold US President Joe Biden and other international leaders responsible for the deaths.

The Hill reported that there were 520 bodies in seven mass graves across three hospitals in Gaza. They allegedly included people who were stripped naked and tied up. The bodies were said to be covered in waste.

On May 6, the UN Human Rights Office issued a press release expressing horror over the emerging reports about the mass graves. The statement said some of the bodies allegedly showed “signs of torture and summary executions, and potential instances of people buried alive.”

The Biden Administration released a report that found it was “reasonable to assess” that the Israeli government violated international law by using US weapons in its war against Gaza. However, it also noted that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it. The report stated Israel committed humanitarian violations by blocking food and other aid from getting into the Gaza Strip.

More than 1.7 million people are displaced in Israel, and 1.1 million are facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity.

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