Video go’s Viral – Liberal Penetrates Trump Rally

A young man named Samuel Donner makes videos for Jubilee, a media channel that produces a wide range of content. Donner decided that his next social experiment would occur at a Trump rally in Memphis, Tennessee.

Once Donner and his friend Malik arrived at the rally, they found themselves very nervous because of Memphis’ rising crime rate and the stigma about Trump supporters being aggressive and hostile toward people with a different political view than they have.

For the first two days, Donner and his friend Malik walked around the streets of Memphis and talked to people about their political views and the upcoming Trump rally. Then, on day 3, the duo headed to Landers Center to join thousands of the “dangerous MAGA Republicans” who came out to support Donald Trump.

After they became comfortable, they could sit down and talk with many friendly people who revealed they have plenty of liberal friends and don’t prioritize political affiliation over a person’s character.

It seemed that the only unfriendly person Donner met was another liberal reporter, Jordan Klepper, who refused to talk with him. It turns out that Klepper goes around to these conservative events to stir things up and twists things around to make everyone there look like unfriendly radicals.

“He kind of represents what I think I like, am trying to not do,” said Donner after getting rejected by Klepper twice. “He exists within the liberal echo chamber.”

Shortly after Donner’s video of the Trump rally experience went viral, he appeared on Fox News to discuss his unique experience.

“It actually was much more friendly than I was expecting,” admitted Donner. “Growing up in LA, you think that these events are going to be, like, very aggressive.”