War on Police Takes Unexpected Turn

War on Police Takes Unexpected Turn

Following the death of George Floyd, protests erupted throughout the country — many of them are turning into violent riots complete with burning buildings and looting. The public outcry over the mistreatment and death of Floyd had evolved into a call for police accountability. This has gone so far as to have many people suggest defunding law enforcement in retaliation for police brutality.

The police, who have had a target painted on them by the actions of a few bad cops, are being assaulted from all fronts it would seem. The calls for their defunding are being heard (and acted upon) by the left, but now even popular shows are being pulled from the air.

The television show COPS is being canceled by Paramount Network after being on air for 32 seasons. The 33rd season was set to premiere on June 15th before the cancellation. Shortly after, A&E permanently pulled its show Live PD.

One has to question if the censoring of law enforcement shows will end here, or if it will expand to include more friendly, “good-cop” entertainment as well — even works of fiction. After all, having police save the day goes against the narrative pushed by the media right now. The New York Times went so far as to suggest that the popular children’s cartoon Paw Patrol could be removed due to the loveable German Shepherd who happens to be a police dog

The article was written as satire, but with the way the extreme left is attacking anything that doesn’t fall in line with their ideals, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to believe this is so far fetched. After all, they already took Elmer Fudd’s gun away.

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