Ukraine Invasion: 40-Mile-Long Convoy Problems…

Senior U.S defense official says that Russian forces’ movement towards the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv is currently “stalled,” but a lack or food for troops may cause them to resume their advance soon.

Russia has committed more than 80% of their combat power to the conflict, but little progress was made in recent days.

While there is some progress to be made, the main reason for Russia’s lack thereof seems largely within their own sustainment and logistics. Ukraine resistance also plays a big role in this situation as well; otherwise known as “the bear” who hibernates during winter months but always comes back stronger than before

Ukraine’s government has been struggling with how to best handle conflict between rebel groups, some more amorous toward federalization while others want outright independence.

Russia may have sent troops to Ukraine without fully trained for combat. It was reported that some of these conscripts were forced into service, while others are believed to run out gas due their own initiative in order avoid serving longer than necessary

The Russian government is having trouble figuring out how best deploy its soldiers because many lack proper qualifications when it comes to fighting on foreign soil like Eastern Europe. The only confirmed information available seems related with defections among members who lacked knowledge about international law or strategic tasks before arriving at the frontier.

Russia’s current lack of progress may not just be due to problems arising from resistance or their own logistics, but also something more. An official noted that Russia seems ready for a change in strategy and they are “perhaps regrouping”.

The official could not confirm reports that Russia is utilizing cluster ammunitions in Syria. However, they did say that Russia has “launcher systems” which might be used for thermobaric weapons.

With more than 80% of the pre-staged Russian combat power now inside Ukraine, up from less than 75% on Monday and occupying cities such as Malitopol and Berdyansk according to an official there is little doubt about what’s happening.