Trump To Blame For Mass Casualties

Joy Reid the MSNBC host and her guest had no problem blaming Donald Trump for the deaths of the 53 migrants found in the back of a truck this week in Texas.

It seems maybe the host is desperate for ratings since the border remains wide open as 250,000 migrants from all over the world enter into our country every month illegally.  The MSNBC host argued that the migrants found suffocated in the back of the truck had no other ways to enter the US because Trump made it so difficult to cross the border.

“It is incredibly tragic. But it feels like these are the kinds of tragedies that happen when you make migration so hard that people become so desperate that they’re willing to climb into or even put their children into the back of an un-airconditioned truck,” Reid asserted.

She then claimed “the governor of Texas is trying to, of course, use it for political fodder, blaming president Biden. But the reality is, we still have the remain-in-Mexico policies of Donald Trump.” 

The guest Maria Hinojosae claimed that the deaths are “a result of the police state that exists now along the U.S./Mexico border in general.”

She continued, “And in Texas, people just don’t realize you can’t kind of just get in a car and drive through the state of Texas. The border patrol is everywhere, there are checkpoints.”

Reid added that “The Supreme Court is right now litigating whether or not the Biden administration has to continue to operate based on Trump’s rules,” adding “if the President of the United States can’t even change the rules by which migration is sort of policed at the border, what can we do?”  

According to these two knuckleheads, we should open the borders and quit policing them.  OMG!