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The world is rapidly changing. Survival skills aren’t just for those who enjoy hunting, camping, or spending time in the great outdoors. Everyone should have the skills necessary to be self-reliant in the event of a true emergency.

As the world becomes more dangerous, it may not be wise to ignore some of life’s more unpredictable events and scenarios. Natural disasters, civil unrest, and any number of events could leave you and your family without power, water, or safe refuge.

The editors here at The Survival Guide are dedicated to bringing you the tools you need to start learning to protect your home, your assets, and your lives. Whether you need to move to a secure location or shelter in place, we have tips you may find useful.

The Survival Guide‘s editors are honored you have chosen to follow us. We firmly believe in the importance of protecting our American rights, becoming self-reliant, and expanding our skill-sets. We’re here to help you learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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