Survival Scenarios

Survival Scenarios helps our subscribers to become prepared for the unknown and not become dependent on the government or others when disaster strikes. Emergency services will be stretched thin so being prepared will allow first responders to help more people who truly need assistance.

We are becoming well known and important in survival resources throughout the world. The Survival Guide is providing weekly news, tips & tactics to help our members increase their survival skills no matter what they encounter.

Exercises to SURVIVE Emergency Situations

Are you looking to enhance your physical and emotional well-being while preparing for uncertain times? Incorporating regular exercise into your routine can significantly contribute...

How to Escape a Riot

All over the world, there are people who want to protest to get their point across. Many times, upheaval can occur with little or...

Violence in the Workplace

It only takes seconds for an argument or disagreement to get out of control, especially at work. Most of the time, after a little...
Never Go To Bed Without These

Never Go To Bed Without These

Some people can’t sleep without special pajamas. Others need a warm glass of milk or a fan blowing on them. It’s not uncommon for...
No Need to Prepare for the Worst... Or Is There?

No Need to Prepare for the Worst… Or Is There?

Preparation is the key to surviving disasters or incidents that put us at risk. However, for whatever reasons, people actually make excuses not to...

Is Self Reliance Becoming Illegal?

Self-reliance means you don’t depend on the grid, the government, or the rest of society for your daily needs. Why would that be wrong?...
Pines — Who Knew They Were So Useful

Pines — Who Knew They Were So Useful?

Nature provides us with everything we need to survive; we just need the knowledge to utilize it properly. Take for instance the pine tree....

Sanitation Issues of a Post Societal Collapse

A societal collapse isn’t a question of if but when. It's inevitable; we just don’t know when it’s going to happen. Once the collapse...

How to Live Without a Refrigerator

Many of us have become dependent on refrigerators to keep our foods from spoiling. However, not everyone in the world has a fridge, and...
Surviving With Just a Cell Phone

Surviving With Just a Cell Phone

Cell phones have become a large part of many of our lives, and most people don’t go a day without using them. Cell phones...

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