CA Backtracks on BLM Murals

CA Backtracks on BLM Murals

If Democrats hate anything more than Republicans, it’s when their own tactics are used against them. After one resident was given permission to paint a Black Lives Matter Mural on Broadway Street; another resident had an idea of their own. Something that made the city change its mind.

Local real estate attorney, Maria Rutenbeg, saw the BLM mural on Broadway St. and figured the asphalt was a public space and open for discussion. Wanting to get her message out, Maria put in a request to the city, asking to paint a “MAGA 2020” sign on the same street. The city never responded; instead, they discreetly scrubbed and washed the BLM mural off the road. The city claimed it was a traffic hazard and could cause accidents.

Dan Pease, the man who acquired permission to paint the BLM mural, expressed his opinion that BLM was not a political movement. He added that he understood the city’s dilemma and had no hard feelings.

Multiple cities have allowed residents to paint BLM murals on the streets. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio allowed there to be a mural painted outside Trump Tower. The mural has since been defaced multiple times. Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC allowed the BLM message to be painted on the road leading to the White House; protestors later added “DEFUND THE POLICE.” Judicial Watch, a conservative group, has asked Mayor Bowser and DC Attorney General Karl Racine to paint their message on the street as well. Tom Fitton, president of the group stated that Bowser allowed the streets to be turned into a means of public expression; he would like to paint the group’s motto “Because no one is above the law” on Capitol Hill street.

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