Distraction Tactics Revealed: Unforeseen Tragedy or a Diversion?

In simpler terms, two informants from the IRS, who are about to reveal more shocking information about the Biden administration’s actions related to Hunter Biden’s tax issues, are in the spotlight. These revelations include Joe Biden being present when Hunter sent a forceful message to a Chinese business partner asking for payment. Some say this could be the most significant political scandal ever seen in the country. However, another story has gripped the nation: the tragic fate of a group of people who went missing on a submarine trip to visit the Titanic site.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday about an acoustic detection system, a top-secret military technology used to locate enemy submarines. It reportedly picked up what the U.S. Navy thought might be the implosion of the Titanic submarine, named the Titan, just hours into the journey. Furthermore, the sound suspected to be the implosion was detected near the area where debris was found on Thursday.

The military didn’t waste time trying to understand this sound. They quickly shared this possible lead with the person in charge of the search and rescue mission.

Based on this, the Biden administration knew on Sunday that something might be wrong with the submarine. Yet, they allowed everyone to believe that the passengers were safe.

This has led to a wave of questions. Did the Biden administration let people assume the submarine passengers were safe, even when information suggested an early implosion? If true, this could have diverted attention away from the emerging scandal related to the Biden family.

Moreover, the official announcement from OceanGate, the submarine company, about the tragic death of passengers was based on discovering a debris field. But is this enough to quench the public’s curiosity about how this submarine story captivated the nation, coinciding with the release of damaging evidence against the president’s family?

It remains to be seen how the administration will respond. As the White House’s press secretary readies to move to even more significant geopolitical shocks, many expect a response along the lines of ‘respect for the families’ or at the company’s request.’ Time will tell whether these explanations will satisfy the public.