CDC Data: Hold On to Your Hats

CDC Data: Hold On to Your Hats

Skepticism surrounding the coronavirus has been on the rise since day one. Many Americans simply think something doesn’t feel right. New data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells the real story. Like any story there are three sides, yours, mine, and the truth.

When the media and the left-wing tell the President he shouldn’t hold a rally because it puts lives at risk, but then turn around and condone the rioting taking place, you know something’s not quite right. Well the truth is finally out there, and for all to see. The CDC released on their website the number of deaths directly linked to COVID-19; the numbers are quite shocking, yet unsurprising.

The US has 161,392 deaths that claim to be from COVID-19. In reality however, only around 9,700 deaths were from COVID-19, about six percent. The other 94% of deaths, the patients had on average 2.6 other underlying conditions in addition to the coronavirus; heart disease, diabetes, and sepsis were only a few.

COVID-19 is not nearly as dangerous as the media makes it out to be. They just want the American people invoked in fear, because scared people are easier to control. They needed a reason to shut down the economy to hurt President Trump’s chances at being reelected. The truth will always come out eventually.

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