China/Russia Military Escalation Cause for Concern?

China/Russia Military Escalation Cause for Concern?

2020 has been a rough year for everyone around the globe, but the unsettling conflicts between the United States and foreign powers may create a whole new level of problems. A number of potentially disastrous escalations of force have occurred in recent weeks — with two of our greatest rivals.

Foreign relations with China have been under strain this year, to say the least. Now, they are pushing boundaries by test firing missiles in the South China Sea designed to destroy aircraft carriers. This blatant act of aggression in the contested area has driven the wedge between the US and China even deeper, adding additional stress to an already tense relationship.

China isn’t the only one taking aggressive actions against the United States. Russia has thrown its hat into the ring, too, going so far as to actually make direct contact with US forces by ramming one of our military vehicles in Syria. Their antics don’t end there either. Russian bombers have been intercepted in international waters approaching Alaska, and a Russian nuclear submarine surfaced in those waters as well.

To make matters worse, a B-52 bomber was harassed by Russian Su-27 fighters while flying over the Black Sea on August 29. The jets passed within 100 feet of the bomber, putting the vehicle and its occupants in immediate danger.

These incidents highlight a concerning increase in provocative actions from these foreign powers. While America is busy battling internal turmoil with riots and an upcoming presidential election, it would seem these escalations are attempting to take advantage of a distracted nation. Will this harassment continue, and if so, will it lead to open warfare between the countries? For now, all we can do is wait and see.

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