Congress Investigates Foul Play at Fort Hood

Congress Investigates Foul Play at Fort Hood

Something happening once is an incident, twice a coincidence, and three times a pattern. However, when it is repeated nearly 30 times, it becomes a serious occurrence.

Congress announced the launch of an investigation into a series of recent deaths at Fort Hood on September 8. The announcement came following the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen.

Democratic representatives Stephen Lynch and Jackie Speier sent a letter to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy requesting information about the incident and other recent crimes.

At issue is a number of serious crimes, including sexual assault, homicide, missing persons, and the leadership’s response to such incidents.

Data from the officials at Fort Hood listed 28 deaths so far this year, including 5 homicides. The other deaths were attributed to accidents, illness, suicides, and one was combat-related. Some are still under investigation.

With an average rate of 129 felonies per year in the last five years, Fort Hood has a lousy track record regarding crime. It’s high time Congress got to the bottom of things. Our military is taught how to survive when going into battle overseas. Why are they having such a difficult time surviving in our own country? Should we be concerned?

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