Congressman Beats COVID, Claims This Saved Him…

Despite the mainstream media’s attempt to discredit any idea that differs from their narrative regarding the coronavirus; the truth will always prevail. The light of truth is finally beginning to shine through the darkness, helped along by this member of Congress’s recovery from the virus.

Texas Republican, Louie Gohmert, tested positive for COVID-19 on July 29, but now he’s free of the virus — and plans to donate plasma to help others recover. He gives the credit of his recovery to his hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) regimen; consisting of HCQ, Zithromax, zinc, and vitamins D3 and C. Gohmert also stated that he also took a steroid nebulizer for the first few days.

The soon to be 67-year-old congressman this week tested negative for COVID-19, and positive for antibodies against the virus. Gohmert has been cleared to go back to work by the Capitol’s physician.

Despite Gohmert not wearing a mask most of this pandemic, he did wear one during the two weeks leading up to his infection. Now, the congressman says he is going to continue to wear the mask, even if he thinks it doesn’t do anything. He stated that anywhere that masks are mandatory, he will wear one. Gohmert also stated that he felt bad for anyone who’s doctor wasn’t allowed to treat them with the HCQ regimen, and that he feels great. The congressman looks to vote in person if Congress reconvenes to talk about the now-stalled stimulus package this summer.

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