Could the US Mainland Ever Face Invasion?

Could the US Mainland Ever Face Invasion?

( – America has a multitude of enemies across the globe. While most people are focused on the possibility of a terrorist strike within the United States, extremists aren’t the only threats out there. A foreign superpower could decide to take a swing at the US one day.

With that in mind, could there ever be an invasion of the American mainland? Would the USA be able to fight off such an invasion? The Infographics Show on YouTube helps answer those questions in the following video.

The two countries that are most likely to perform such an invasion would be Russia and China. But how would they do it, and more importantly, would they be successful? The truth is China and Russia would likely have to team up, along with negotiating a deal with our northern and southern neighbors. Even then, America holds the strongest military in the world.

Call it serial patriotism, but there is little hope for a successful invasion of the US. Even so, it’s always best to consider the details and prepare for what could happen, especially given the current situation.

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