COVID Corruption Revealed?

COVID Corruption Revealed?

The coronavirus has infected millions of people — and continues to infect thousands more every day so we are told. Are the numbers being reported accurately though?

In Florida, a hospital has admitted that its almost 100% positivity rate among tests is exaggerated. Greatly exaggerated. The real numbers are about 10 times less than what has been reported.

Daily coronavirus updates are posted by the Florida Division of Emergency Management on its website. Positivity rates for every coronavirus testing facility in the state are listed there. There are hundreds of labs and hospitals on the list.

Recently, several of these testing sites have reported 100% positivity rates, a number that is much higher than the statewide average of 15%. Most of the labs claimed to have only tested one patient; some claim to have tested hundreds.

Fox 35 news of Orlando stated on Monday that it began an investigation of those “astronomical numbers”. In doing so the news station got confirmation from several medical facilities that the rates were much lower.

Fox 35 found that the Orlando Health hospital admitted their errors in the report. The hospital reported a 98% positivity rate; only about 9.4% were actually positive. The Veteran’s Medical Center, also in Orlando, reported a 76% positivity rate. In reality, the positivity rate was about 6%, as confirmed by a company official.

The state of Florida has seen record numbers of COVID-19 infections. This could be a result of these inflated numbers. Just the News analyzed state data and found that the record numbers may have been inflated by up to 30%.

Were these misreported numbers merely accidental, or were they manipulated intentionally? What reason would these testing sites have for reporting false positives? If such a massive misrepresentation of the facts is possible in Florida, chances are that it could be happening across the country as well.

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