France Gives “Green Light” to Bionic Soldiers

Ethically Correct for French to Create Bionic Soldiers

The militaries of the world are always looking for new ways to outclass their adversaries. Sometimes, that means taking actions that may be considered morally unethical by much of the world. That’s exactly what’s happening in France, where plans are underway to create soldiers seemingly straight out of a science fiction novel.

The French armed forces have been permitted to begin developing augmented soldiers by the ethics committee of the French military. A report released to the public shows that medical treatments such as prosthetics and implants are being considered to enhance soldiers’ natural ability.

The enhancements may even allow soldiers to directly connect with weapon systems, allow for location tracking, and potentially connect with other enhanced soldiers.

However, the military must maintain the regulations set by its controlling government and respect its humanitarian laws and society’s critical values. So any modifications made shouldn’t be invasive, impede on a soldier’s free will, distort their humanity, or affect their ability to live a civilian life after their duty is served.

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