Facebook Attempting to Sway Election?

Facebook Attempting to Sway Election?

Censorship is not a new challenge that conservatives face, many media companies are left-biased and it shows in their actions. Facebook recently stood in contrast to Twitter, stating it will not police political ads. However, recent events may deem that to be false.

Facebook recently took down a Trump Re-election campaign ad, claiming a symbol used in the ad was against their policy for organized-hate. The claim was that the symbol in the ad, a red triangle, was used by the Nazis to mark political prisoners in WWII.

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign communications director, defended the use of the symbol, stating it was commonly used among Antifa. He added the red triangle was a common emoji, and even linked to some merchandise where sellers described the triangle as “anti-fascist red triangles”.

This isn’t Facebook’s first time removing the president’s ads. The company took down a number of ads they claimed contained misleading information about the US Census back in March. Apparently, this was in violation of Facebook’s rules.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has stated that Facebook will not police political ads or posts by political leaders. This is a policy in which Zuckerberg received backlash over when the company did not take down President Trump’s post. Employees staged a virtual walk-out, stating Trump’s post incited violence and voter disenfranchisement and needed taken down.

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