Hiding in the Open: DIY Camouflage Storage


(TheSurvivalGuide.com) – Sometimes you need to hide certain things where only you know where it is. What better place to hide something than out in the open? Household Hacker’s video on youtube shows some great ideas, and you can buy them, or make them yourself.

Ever locked yourself out of the house? It happens to people daily. If only there were some way to get around that. Good news; there is! Whether it be a false rock or plant there are many ways to hide your spare key in plain sight. The best part is, keys aren’t the only thing you can hide. And that’s just one example.

They say that sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight. It’s simple for you to remember where it is, easy to get to when you need it, but is virtually invisible to spot for a would-be intruder or thief.

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