How To Boost Morale Under Lockdown

With spring arriving and warmer weather approaching, being stuck inside can be very depressing. The country is on lockdown and the coronavirus is wreaking havoc everywhere. During times like these, it may seem impossible to get away from stress and worry. So, how can we keep our spirits up and beat this bleak situation?


Your mental health is important when it comes to long term survival, especially in scenarios such as the one we’re experiencing now. We need to find ways to break out of anxiety and cabin fever. We still need to have happy moments, even when everything else is on hold.

Eating your favorite candies or meals can boost your mood, they’re called comfort foods for a reason after all. Music helps in many ways too. It can be calming and therapeutic, or it can get you hyped and energized. You could pick up old hobbies that you may have had to abandon due to being busy 24/7. Read a book that you enjoy, play games with your family, have a movie night — these little things make a world of difference.

The world is finding ways to stay positive despite the virus as well. People in Italy, who’ve been struck by COVID hard, have been singing to each other from balconies. In Wuhan, citizens are chanting “Keep it up, Wuhan” to boost morale during the quarantine. There have even been videos of people passing beer to neighbors via remote control cars here in the United States.

This pandemic is going to change lives in many ways, but not all of them have to be bad. We have an opportunity to spend more time with our families, create memories, and get to know each other at a deeper level. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Remember, the strongest steel comes from the hottest fires — and the same thing applies to all of us.

Thank you to our friends at Modern Survival for contributing this piece.