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( – Wearing flip-flops and sandals becomes a norm during the spring and summer. These footwear choices are comfortable and help people stay cool when temperatures rise. Unfortunately, these items are also dangerous. Here’s why.

Is Footwear Really That Important for Survival?

Yes, what a person decides to wear on their feet is absolutely important for their survival. While sandals and flip-flops may be nice, shoes and boots are much better options during an emergency.

For starters, boots and shoes are more durable. They’re less likely to fall apart when put to the test during an emergency. Second, they will stay on. When forced to run, the chances of losing a shoe are far less than having a flip-flop fly off. But why is that important?

In nearly every type of emergency situation, it will become necessary to move quickly to escape danger. Depending on the environment and type of disaster, movement could include traveling over debris, such as broken glass.

For example, an earthquake is capable of causing a great deal of damage to buildings, shattering windows, and causing structures to collapse. Now imagine trying to traverse these obstacles in flip-flops.

Another more horrific example would be an active shooter scenario. Trying to flee the scene in sandals would be far more difficult than it would be in a pair of shoes.

If that isn’t enough, consider the damage that could be done to one’s feet when forced to travel long distances in the wrong set of footwear. Lacerations from the environment aside, crippling blisters will develop in short order. Wearing a good, broken-in pair of hiking boots or shoes will help one avoid all these issues.

For information on how to break in a pair of hiking boots, take a look at the following video from REI:

While shoes are incredibly important when it comes to a survival situation, everything a person wears can be equally relevant. Check out our article on how to choose the right clothing for survival to see why.

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