How to Increase the Odds of Surviving a Plane Crash


( – The once impossible dream of taking to the skies became an everyday occurrence thanks to the Wright brothers back in 1903. Since then, mankind has come a long way in its mastery of flight. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and, on occasion, planes do come crashing down.

Being trapped within a metal monstrosity as it races toward the ground is a terrifying situation to find oneself in. However, people do survive plane crashes. Here are a few tips on how anyone can increase their odds of surviving one:

  • Dress appropriately. If the plane does make an unplanned meeting with the ground, chances are incredibly high that there will be debris and fire. Wearing shoes (not flip-flops or high heels) can prevent damage to the feet, and allow a person to escape the plane quickly. Fire retardant, long-sleeve shirts, and pants can lessen the likelihood of suffering burns as well.
  • Choose the right seat. Generally, the further toward the back of the plane, the safer the passenger will be in the event of a crash. Regardless of where a seat happens to be, it’s vital to know where the exits are. In fact, counting the number of seats between the assigned seat and the exit is highly recommended. If a fire does break out, it may be difficult (or impossible) to see the exit due to smoke. Counting seats as they’re passed is one way to counteract this issue.
  • Stay calm. While this may seem like a ridiculous tip, panicking in an emergency only makes matters worse. When the plane starts to go down, the cabin may lose pressure and air. A panicking person may not take the time to place the oxygen mask on themselves and consequently pass out.

For more information on how to live through a plane crash, check out the following video from How to Survive:

Knowing how to survive a bad situation, no matter how unlikely it may be, is always better than finding oneself in an emergency without the proper knowledge to get out alive. To see how to survive another emergency that involves falling through the air in a metal container, check out our article here.

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