How to Stay Cool When The Power Goes Out

How to Stay Cool When The Power Goes Out

( – Once upon a time (not so long ago), air conditioning didn’t exist. People were forced to face the summer months without the convenience of central air or even swamp coolers. So how did they survive without dropping dead in the heat, and what can modern survivalists learn from the methods they used to stay cool?

Wet Sheets

Hanging wet sheets over doorways or open windows is one method of cooling a room that has been used for thousands of years. As the water evaporates, it cools the air. This is the same principle used in swamp coolers, which blow hot air from outside through water-soaked pads into the home. Granted, this works best in areas with low humidity.

At night, sleeping with damp sheets is another option that will help a person stay cool while they sleep. Simply soak the sheets in water, then ring them out so they aren’t dripping wet.

Create Air Flow

At night, open windows to allow stagnant air to leave the home. This will also allow cooler air to come in.

Another creative way to get cooler air flowing into the home is by compressing the hot air from outside using a board and plastic bottles. The following video shows how it’s done:

Don’t Forget Water

Staying hydrated in the heat is absolutely vital to good health. The body sweats when it gets hot in an effort to cool itself, which is good. But that also means that fluid needs to be replaced so one doesn’t succumb to dehydration.

Beyond consumption, one can also take a dip in the water (such as a swimming pool) to cool off. Swimming is a great way to escape the heat; just take caution not to get a sunburn in the process.

Dipping towels or bandanas in water and wearing them around the neck is yet another option to reduce one’s body temperature. Using spray bottles full of water to mist oneself will help, too.

Take a Modern Approach

There are several modern-day solutions to beat the heat. Here are a few options:

    • Battery-operated fans. Just make sure to have plenty of backup batteries.
    • Cooling towels. While a bandana or normal towel soaked in water will help, there are new fabrics on the market designed to stay cooler longer.
    • Portable generator. Investing in a portable power generator will provide power to the AC for the hottest parts of the day. Just be sure not to run it indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heat-related illnesses are not something to take lightly, even when the power is on. To see why they are so dangerous, and how to recognize the symptoms before they become deadly, take a look at our article here.

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