How to Escape Duct Tape Bindings


Duct Tape BINDINGS – Could You ESCAPE?

( – Duct tape. It’s cheap and has a thousand and one uses. It’s one of those items that many survivalists stockpile. Unfortunately, duct tape is also used by criminals as a way to restrain their victims.

From kidnappings to hostage situations, duct tape is a well-known binding tool. Being bound in duct tape restraints can be a terrifying experience, especially without the knowledge of how to get free.

In the following video, former Navy Seal Clint Emerson provides a few tips on how to escape from duct tape bindings:

The easiest way to escape from duct tape is to conceal a tool on your person that can cut it. As Clint demonstrates, a razor blade can be hidden away in the sole of a shoe, or even placed in hidden pockets in clothing. Unless the captors do an extremely thorough search, these hidden blades will likely go undetected.

The second option is to create friction by rubbing the tape on a corner or jagged object. Eventually, the action will tear through the duct tape, allowing for an escape.

The third way of breaking the tape is to use the body as a wedge. This will work both for bound hands and bound feet. For the hands, extend the arms out in front of your body, then slam the bindings quickly into the chest. For the feet, stand up then squat down with all of your weight. This will tear the tape.

As a last resort, search the area for a tool of some kind to cut through the tape. A loose nail, scrap of wood, or even a thumbtack can be used to punch holes, which will weaken the tape. Eventually, it will become weak enough to break, providing an opportunity to get free of the bindings.

It may be difficult in a situation such as this, but it’s important to remain calm. A clear head will find solutions that a panicked mind will overlook.

Duct tape isn’t the only common restraint used by criminals. To see how to escape from zip tie bindings, check out our article here.

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