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Modern Survival is a publication that encourages its readers to be prepared citizens who can self-sustain, particularly in the aftermath of a large-scale or grid-down disaster. Their philosophy is to help individuals learn how to be ruggedly self-reliant, rather than reliant on the government, emergency services, or their extended families, neighbors, and friends in the wake of an emergency situation. 

After a major disaster, emergency services and police protection are typically stretched extremely thin. Being prepared to survive after a disaster allows first responders to respond to those who need their help most. Survivalists seek to free up emergency services, resources, and assistance, effectively moving themselves to the back of the priority line because they have the skills to survive, and sometimes thrive, while others may not. 

Life is full of unknowns, and it doesn’t take events like a major natural disaster or man-made terror attack for survival skills to be useful. In addition to the worst-case scenarios most people imagine, there are many everyday survival situations that individuals and families run into, as well. From ice storms to getting lost in the woods, Modern Survival shares tips to help readers brush up on their survival skills. 

Modern Survival’s mission is to help people and families prepare to face the unknown, and come out on the other side. From wilderness survival tips to building a prepper pantry, this publication is dedicated to educating readers in the skills of our predecessors. They believe that modern society has effectively eliminated survival education, and they’re committed to bringing awareness to as many readers as possible. 

As one of the most useful survival resources on the web, Modern Survival provides weekly news, tips, resources, tactics, and even skill development courses. They aim to keep their readers informed, protected, healthy, and happy, no matter what life brings their way.

Police Demolish Family Home During Tense Standoff


( – No one ever expects an armed criminal to break into their home. Even if the unthinkable should happen, it’s all the more unexpected to have the police demolish the house to get to the criminal. Unfortunately for one family of seven, this is exactly what happened, leaving them homeless.

Thirty-five-year-old Alex Rawls was accused of shooting a woman multiple times on November 1. One week later, while fleeing from law enforcement, Rawls broke into a home and barricaded himself in.

Andrea Young was home with her five children and fiance when Rawls broke in. The family managed to get out of the house and flee, but their nightmare was far from over.

Once entrenched, Rawls began shooting at law enforcement officers. He didn’t manage to injure anyone, but he did come close. Bullets hit the windshield of a SWAT vehicle with occupants inside, as well as a shed where another officer was taking cover.

Police returned fire and, unbeknownst to them, struck Rawls an “undetermined number of times.” What they did next has shocked the nation.

In order to remove Rawls from the home, police used an armored vehicle to ram the home repeatedly. They eventually located Rawls on the second floor, but he had already died from wounds inflicted during the firefight.

By the time police recovered the suspect’s body, the family’s home had been utterly destroyed. What little left standing was demolished within hours of the standoff’s end.

This unfortunate series of events has left Young and her family homeless, and all of their belongings ruined. So far, she hasn’t gotten any answers from the police as to why they took such drastic measures.

While this story is extreme, it is a reminder that home invasions do happen, and that everyone should prepare their property to keep criminals out. To see a simple but effective way to stop an intruder in their tracks, take a look at our article here.

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