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Modern Survival is a publication that encourages its readers to be prepared citizens who can self-sustain, particularly in the aftermath of a large-scale or grid-down disaster. Their philosophy is to help individuals learn how to be ruggedly self-reliant, rather than reliant on the government, emergency services, or their extended families, neighbors, and friends in the wake of an emergency situation. 

After a major disaster, emergency services and police protection are typically stretched extremely thin. Being prepared to survive after a disaster allows first responders to respond to those who need their help most. Survivalists seek to free up emergency services, resources, and assistance, effectively moving themselves to the back of the priority line because they have the skills to survive, and sometimes thrive, while others may not. 

Life is full of unknowns, and it doesn’t take events like a major natural disaster or man-made terror attack for survival skills to be useful. In addition to the worst-case scenarios most people imagine, there are many everyday survival situations that individuals and families run into, as well. From ice storms to getting lost in the woods, Modern Survival shares tips to help readers brush up on their survival skills. 

Modern Survival’s mission is to help people and families prepare to face the unknown, and come out on the other side. From wilderness survival tips to building a prepper pantry, this publication is dedicated to educating readers in the skills of our predecessors. They believe that modern society has effectively eliminated survival education, and they’re committed to bringing awareness to as many readers as possible. 

As one of the most useful survival resources on the web, Modern Survival provides weekly news, tips, resources, tactics, and even skill development courses. They aim to keep their readers informed, protected, healthy, and happy, no matter what life brings their way.

Senior Pentagon Official Warns of Future ISIS-K, al Qaeda Attacks


( – Amidst the current political turmoil and pandemic madness, it’s easy to forget that there are still people in the world who want nothing more than to see America burn. On Tuesday, October 26, a senior Pentagon official gave the nation an ominous reminder.

Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Colin Kahl, briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee on the threat posed to the United States by al Qaeda and ISIS-K. According to Kahl, neither group is currently capable of striking the US, but could be in as little as six months. 

The timeline given by Kahl suggests ISIS-K could strike against America within 6-12 months. Al Qaeda would take a bit longer to get organized enough to attack — between one and two years.

Kahl was questioned by Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) regarding whether the two terrorist groups intended to strike America. The undersecretary stated the Pentagon is “fairly certain they have the intention to do so” but refused to explain further until the closed session. 

With the pandemic still in full swing, the economy shaky at best, and the supply chain hanging by a thread, the last thing anyone wants to think about is dealing with another terrorist attack. However, as Kahl pointed out, one could be coming in the not-so-distant future. 

To see how anyone can prepare to live in a country under siege by terrorists, take a look at our article here.  

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